About EPIC
(Electronic Profile Information Center)


As an internal trainer, coach, or facilitator, the EPIC platform allows you to administer and email access codes for online assessments, monitor report completion, and manage and print reports from anywhere in the world.

We recommend an EPIC Administrator Account if:

  • You are an internal consultant, trainer, or coach that has an ongoing need for online profiles and reports
  • You are an external consultant, trainer, or coach that has an ongoing need for online profiles and reports 
  • You have a large number of people completing the profiles and can benefit from volume discounts
  • You want to restrict access to participants' completed profiles before discussing in person or in a classroom environment

EPIC Credits

Each profile has an EPIC credit value and never expires. You purchase the number of credits you need for the profiles you plan to use.

Customized to meet your needs

Once someone completes an assessment, the EPIC system scores and generates a personalized profile right away. You have the option to allow people to view their profiles immediately, or you can print the reports and reveal the results in person.  

Additional EPIC administrator benefits include:

  • Immediate access to completed reports
  • Group reports and free comparison reports
  • Folders and subfolders so you may organize your reports by division, department, training date or any other criteria
  • Ability to brand and customize reports and emails 
  • Shared administrative control can free up valuable time for you by appointing additional administrators

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