When it Comes to Leading People, Don't Just Wing It
                            Image borrowed from  Outward Bound

                            Image borrowed from Outward Bound

I am off to the east coast next week to spend a day with emerging leaders exploring Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership model and management practices.  It's my favorite workshop to teach because I see the lightbulbs going off about 2/3 into the class.  Managers are trying on the new perspectives and are gleaning insights on what's gone wrong in the past with their communication in the workplace, yet at the same time they are stretching far out of their comfort zones to test out some new ways of meeting a problem or a concern.  The stretch, in many cases, is finding better ways to assess others' needs, recognizing that one leadership style does not fit all, and realizing that "just winging it" doesn't work.  Getting curious, providing support, and having a plan for communication is the best way to motivate and inspire others' performance and development. For more on Situational Leadership, check out this neat video.  


Mary McGuinness