Building an Engaged & Empowered Team with World Cafe Design

On Tuesday I worked with a large group to facilitate a World Cafe conversation. The CHRO and I co-designed a conversation to raise awareness around team performance (Drexler/Sibbet Model), identify strengths and opportunities for improved team work, and identify actions that this "re-formed" team could take to build collaboration and cooperation among the team and across the organization.  Jill Archer graphically recorded the session (photos to come).

I am ever in awe of the talent, courage and community that is surfaced when we host important organizational conversations using World Cafe methods and tools.  This group left energized, empowered and focused on working together.  We're on to phase 2, crafting a strong vision and direction for the 60 member unit, where we'll host a poster session and graphically record a strategic conversation to lay groundwork for action planning!

Mary McGuinness