SHIFT-IT Coaching Program

The SHIFT-IT visual coaching program is for anyone who wants a disciplined and rich experience of growth and transformation. Through the program you will:

  • Understand what brings you to SHIFT-IT at this moment
  • Reflect on your history and the experiences that have shaped your thoughts, beliefs and actions
  • Remove internal and external obstacles–get unstuck!
  • Create a compelling and powerful vision to guide you forward
  • Develop an action plan to maintain momentum and keep you on track

What Does The Program Involve?

As a Certified Visual Coach® I have been trained by Christina Merkley, pioneering visual coach and creator of the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process to guide you through this 7-stage program that includes 12 weekly coaching sessions with accompanying graphic maps.


S: Satisfaction Interrupted
Satisfaction interrupted shows up in different ways at different times in our lives. It can feel like a gentle nagging or uneasiness, a feeling of "stuck-ness" or an intense desire to "take it to the next level" when it comes to setting goals or crafting a vision. Whatever the reason, the first step in SHIFT-IT is to identify current crossroad issues and desired outcomes for your SHIFT-IT program.

H: Harvest Your History
Your unique history and story contains experiences and memories that have shaped the perspectives you hold about yourself and others. Mapping your life history before establishing a vision heightens awareness into the patterns of beliefs and behaviors that have brought you to this point.

I: Investigate Your Now
This stage of SHIFT-IT helps you to better assess you strengths, skills, supports as well as areas for development and growth. You gain clarity by seeing more clearly what’s satisfying to you and what isn’t. Pinpointing areas of dissatisfaction is the first step to creating a compelling vision that lines up with what is most important to you.

F: Focus on the Future
A personal vision statement creates a marker on the horizon or a "north star" that guides you toward the future you desired. In this phase you will create a vivid picture of your preferred future through right-brained and creative thinking that taps into your imagination and possibility.

T: Trouble at the Door
Negative thoughts and skepticism may show up in the wake of visioning, making it difficult to cross over an internal line between doubt and belief. To believe your vision is possible, it helps to clear out negative thinking and negotiate new roles that focus on positivity and potential.

I: Ink It, Just Don't Think It
Crafting a big picture plan moves you from reflection to action -- pulling together your past, present and future as you design the path you will take to bring your vision into reality.

T: Take Action
In this final stage, you will create a detailed action plan that organizes priorities into a timeline of tasks and steps that must be accomplished. You’ll also determine the best way to stay accountable to your action plan byidentifying resources and supports.

Learn More

Review the SHIFT-IT Program Brochure and set up a ½ hour exploratory appointment to discuss what brings you to SHIFT-IT and how this program can support you as you tackle a challenge, plan for the next chapter or move through a transition.