Everything DiSC® Manual

Everything DiSC® Manual


This comprehensive, 225-page manual provides a guide to the research and an in-depth overview of the DiSC® and various applications associated with the DiSC®.  This manual is an essential reference tool for anyone facilitating Everything DiSC® products and includes: research that supports validity and reliability of the DiSC® instrument and styles; an overview of how DiSC® intersects with current psychological, behavioral theory; and case studies that model proper interpretation of the instrument.

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    Chapter 1 DiSC Overview and Theory
    Chapter 2 Methodology of Development
    Chapter 3 Administration and Scoring of the Assessment
    Chapter 4 The DiSC Scales and Styles: Reliability and Validity
    Chapter 5 Demographic Considerations
    Chapter 6 The Everything DiSC Applications
    Chapter 7 The Everything DiSC Comparison Report
    Chapter 8 Interpretation of Results
    Appendix A: DiSC History
    Appendix B: Everything DiSC Sample Demographics
    Appendix C: Correlations Among the Everything DiSC Assessment and Other Assessments
    Appendix D: Style Distribution
    Appendix E: Leadership Correlations
    Appendix F: ANOVA Results
    Appendix G: Correlations Among the Work of Leaders and Other Assessments