Visual Coaching Packages & Fees

What Is Visual Coaching?

As a Certified Visual Coach® I have been trained by Christina Merkley, pioneering visual coach and creator of the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process to use SHIFT-IT process and tools in my coaching practice.

Like traditional coaching, visual coaching is for individuals who are seriously committed to self improvement and who are motivated and prepared to invest the time, energy, and financial resources necessary to accelerate and achieve individual or business goals and aspirations. 

What Are the Benefits of Working Visually?

The benefit of visual coaching is that in addition to discussing a particular issue, clients leave with a visual map of the conversation.  The visuals help to literally see the shape and movement of the conversation, as well as provide an artifact or record of insights, learning and actions.

What Happens in Visual Coaching?

Above all, coaching is a relationship between coach and client designed to further the client’s goals, aspirations and self-awareness.  Core activities include:

  • Assessing the current situation, strengths, and areas for development and growth
  • Agreeing and committing to dates, time and action
  • Defining the focus of coaching
  • Facilitating the development of goals & action plan
  • Identifying sources of support and encouragement to increase likelihood of success
  • Mapping the conversation using a digital tablet; generating a PDF map 

What Is the Process?

To accommodate busy schedules and geographic challenges, we use web conferencing technology, requiring an Internet connection and preferably a web camera and headset with a microphone. We work together to co-create and map out a plan of action to move you forward in achieving your goals.  

What Do Clients Need to Know and Do to Be Successful?

Client success depends on a few things.  First, clients should know that coaching is a support to a client’s goals and objectives.  The coach’s job is to help the client to clarify thinking and identify actions that get traction under what’s most important.  So, coming prepared with a clear goal for the coaching session helps immensely.  

Secondly, successful clients are open to experimentation, feedback and to view themselves from multiple angles.  In this manner, they are attentive to what’s happening in the moment and taking the best of what emerges or makes sense.  

Finally, successful clients are committed.  They understand that growth and personal development involves time and action.  They, despite distractions, responsibilities and life’s demands carve out time to advance their goals and dreams.  Small wins yield big changes!

Who Do We Work With?

We work with entrepreneurs, business leaders, nonprofit and higher education leaders, individuals who are part of an organization, or people in personal or career transitions.  Together we identify coaching goals and outcomes and chart our coaching sessions using these as guideposts.

What Have My Clients Achieved?

A mid-level manager assessed her communication and conflict styles and developed strategies for improved communication with her boss and colleagues. 

A senior-level researcher developed a brand statement, revised her resume, updated her professional image, and developed talking points for a VP interview.  She was offered the position.

A career-shifter used career management strategies and tools to transition out of a career as a high school teacher and into a career in medical sales.  He had to turn down offers.

A director of sales & marketing assessed his leadership and management style and developed a plan to more effectively gain buy-in for an innovative product and to manage toxic work relationships.

A high-achieving professional created a plan for right livelihood post-baby.

A high-achieving entrepreneur who felt “stuck,” shifted her business strategy to further embrace her creative side.

What Are the Rates?

Sessions are one-hour and take place using the Zoom online meeting application. Visual notes are sent to you by PDF after the session.

2017 Rates

1 hour-long session...................$ 150.00

3 hour-long sessions..................$ 400.00

6 hour-long sessions..................$ 800.00

How Do I Start?

Set up a ½ hour exploratory appointment to discuss your goals & determine which package is best for you.

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