SHIFT-IT Program Packages

what is SHIFT-IT?

As a Certified Visual Coach® I have been trained by Christina Merkley, pioneering visual coach and creator of the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process to use SHIFT-IT process and tools in my coaching practice.  The SHIFT-IT program is a seven-stage coaching process that helps you get clarity and focus about what you want in the areas of life that matter most to you.  The process breaks through limiting beliefs that may be holding you back or in the status quo and takes you through the steps to design a life, and sets of actions, that brings you joy, satisfaction and happiness.

What Does the Program Involve?

The process involves seven stages and graphic maps, comprising approximately 12 weekly sessions of coaching with assigned homework between meetings.

Who Is It For?

SHIFT-IT is for anyone who wants a disciplined and rich experience of growth and transformation.  Successful clients are open to experimentation, attentive to what’s happening in the moment, and take the best of what emerges or makes sense into their daily actions. Simply put, the program requires making the time and showing up!  

What Will You Experience?

I work with individuals of all ages. Entrepreneurs, business leaders, physicians, academics, creative professionals, school teachers who are attracted to coaching as a way to understand crossroads issues and to chart a path forward.  Through SHIFT-IT, you will:

  • Understand what brings you to SHIFT-IT at this moment
  • Reflect on your history and the experiences that have shaped your thoughts, beliefs and actions
  • Remove internal and external obstacles – get unstuck!
  • Create a compelling and powerful vision to guide you forward
  • Develop an action plan to maintain momentum and keep you on track

What Make SHIFT-IT Unique?

The program uses graphic templates to help clients gain clarity and focus on things they want to shift in their professional or personal lives.  It incorporates all the skills of standard International Coaching Federation coaching but adds a graphic element, helping clients literally SEE their thinking and create a powerful vision and action plan. Participants in the program have found it extremely energizing, motivating and highly rewarding in terms of results, and building momentum in their personal and professional lives.

what is your investment?

Full SHIFT-IT Program (12-15 hours of visual coaching, 17 completed maps) is $1800.00.  
Mini SHIFT-IT Program (6 hours of visual coaching, 6 completed maps) is $900.00.
Payment plans are available.

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