Director, Human Resources, Financial Services

"Mary is an excellent listener and asks the right questions of all stakeholders (from the CEO to a new employee) to get at the root of what you are trying to achieve.  She is an excellent partner who understands time constraints and demands and works to meet deliverables. 

I personally appreciated working with Mary because she was very supportive and had the attitude “if you don’t look good, we don’t look good” which made the relationship symbiotic and very successful.  We are pleased with the new online training and recommend MMCG for the development of customized training – on and off-line!"

–Director, Human Resources, Financial Services

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Leah Lavelle
Executive Director, Non-Profit Agency for Ending Homelessness

"Mary provided a high level of direction, guidance and support throughout all aspects the strategic planning process. She's a great listener, encourages and responds favorably to feedback, and is detail-oriented. The planning materials she provided were a wonderful framework to begin the pre-planning process and were easily tailored to our organization.

She can see at both the macro and micro level and was helpful in keeping our planning committee focused on developing reasonable outcomes so we could be successfully in carrying out our plan.

Overall, Mary is a highly competent, enthusiastic, and experienced Strategic Planning retreat planner and facilitator."

–Executive Director, Non-Profit Agency for Ending Homelessness

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Leah Lavelle
Director, Information Services

"Mary’s coaching helped me maximize my potential to provide more value to the company.  After our initial conversation I was energized to partner with her to embark on a new journey of learning, growth, and self-reflection.

I would recommend Mary to others because her coaching style is empowering – she asks questions that led me to come up answers for myself.  She is great at building rapport and she gained my trust through her authenticity. Her coaching guided me to bridge the gap between what desired outcomes and the perceptions & issues that were holding me back. 

I particularly enjoyed Mary’s uplifting energy!"

–Director, Information Services

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Leah Lavelle
Director, University Leadership Program

"Mary brings an extraordinary combination of detail and big picture to her management of projects. She is passionate about personal development and ultimately in how that leads to organizational health and effectiveness. I highly recommend Mary for any role dealing with the facilitation of growth and learning in people and organizations."

–Director, University Leadership Program

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Leah Lavelle
President, Women's Fashion Retailer

"Owning a business is tough. Who does the entrepreneur turn to when it appears nothing is moving forward? For me, it was Mary.

The visual process encouraged me to look honestly at my future and to let go of any fear because I was able to literally map out a clear, step-by-step plan.

Mary's guidance was instrumental in seeing I am ready and able to reach my long-term goals. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get to the next level in his or her business or personal life."


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