Shaping Meaningful and People-Centered Dialogue thru World Cafe

Image by  Avril Orloff

Image by Avril Orloff

Tomorrow I will be hosting a World Cafe conversation on the topic of cooperation and collaboration and its importance to mission fulfillment and organizational success, particularly in a climate of change and transition.  World Cafe is a simple, yet powerful and effective method for bringing people together in dialogue no matter what size.  I've facilitated groups of 100 or more, and have participated in Cafes numbering 900 people!

The method, developed by Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, and discussed in their book, The World Cafe Book: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter, is a process that is humanizing, hospitable, and purpose-driven.  We'll set the stage tomorrow with Italian tablecloths, flower vases, paper and markers, and maybe a little music.  Jill Archer will provide graphic recording, and our group of 50 will discuss their strengths and opportunities for team work and gather insights and actions to achieve and own a shared vision of success.

As organizations are pressured and strained to compete, do more with fewer resources, and get "the most from their people," I am particularly energized to work with leadership that recognizes the need to creating space, time and context for collective reflection, listening and perspective-sharing.  I am hopeful that this Cafe will pave the way for the creativity, flexibility and action needed as this groups plans and prepares for the challenges of today, as well as those that are yet unknown!

Stay tuned for images and notes!
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Mary McGuinness