Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders Profile

Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders Profile


Includes a composite of multi-rater 360® feedback data on the Eight Approaches to Leadership, along with a summary of responses by rater category (e.g. manager, peer, direct report), and each behavioral practice.

This report also visually illustrates at-a-glance the robust collection of feedback data into a unique 363® graph for each leader.

EPIC Credits: 50

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The Everything DiSC® 363® for Leaders offers a powerful combination of 360 degree feedback, DiSC profile, and strategies for leadership effectiveness.  Features include a 25 page feedback report for leaders at any level, unlimited raters (peer, manager, direct reports), selectable comments, rather than open-ended comments, and a free 6-page coaching supplement

Sample 363 for Leaders Profile Report
Sample 363 Coaching Supplement Report
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